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Capacitor 330VAC:BC-145M-330


BC-145M-330, 145-174 MFD, 330VAC, Capacitor

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Capacitor 250VAC:BC-161-M-250


BC-161M-250, 161-193 MFD, 220-250VAC, Capacitor

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200KTT Ball Bearing


200KTT Ball Bearing

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WarP 9 Motor


WarP 9 Motor


It is a 9.25″ diameter, series wound DC motor with a double ended shaft. Our WarP 9 ™ motor is similar to

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Capacitor 250VAC:BC-216M-250


BC-216M-250, 216-259 MFD, 220-250VAC, Capacitor

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Winco Two Bearing Generator: TB4000C


Winco Two Bearing Generator TB4000C The TB4000C is a 120/240V unit that offers 4000 watts of power. All of the units in

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Capacitor 165VAC:BC-189M-165


BC-189M-165, 189-270 MFD, 165VAC, Capacitor

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GE HVAC Motor:M1 1/4 1725 115 48Z HVAC


Electric Motor: H161 PH:1 HP:1/4 RPM:1725 115VAC 48Z:FR Visit, click on “products” then “motors” for more info…

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Capacitor 330VAC:BC-130M-330


BC-130M-330, 130-156 MFD, 330VAC, Capacitor

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