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We are selling these cars, “For Sale by Owner”, We purchased four of these Green Miles EV Electric Car Sedans. Presently they are for sale by owner and are for “Off Road” use only. They are licensable with a WA State Highway Patrol inspection. Presently these would be suitable for any campus environment such as WWU, The Airport, a Gated Community, the San Juan Islands, a large Zoo, large Ranch or Farm, etc… I am in the process of licensing the best two of these for “Street Use”. My appointment is on Nov 8th, 2012. The best two have the least mileage on them and have the least amount of cosmetic and mechanical wear & tear. I am asking $8K for the best two regardless of the “street use” status. This includes brand new battery packs (with warranty), battery balancing system, battery management system, and 120VAC PreHeat system, as well as ongoing limited support for two years. The second best two are priced at $5K. They include the best of the existing batteries as is, plus two spare batteries. These Green EVs were previously owned by NASA in Montana. I have a full set of the large removable roof racks & bumpers as well as street tires and studded off road tires for them. I am in the process of cleaning these up for sale. Over the next few weeks you will see them become more & more cleaned up and repaired. I have them parked out in front of Mac & Mac Electric, where I work. Miles Electric Vehicles makes the OR70, a variant of the ZX40 Sedan. The OR70 travels above 35 mph (56 km/h), but it is not legal on public roads. NASA employs this model as their campuses are exempt from this particular law. The company has reported the suspension of OR70 model production for the 2008 model year. The Miles Electric Vehicles ZX40 is a subcompact electric car built by FAW Tianjin (Tianjin-Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co), a subsidiary of the First Automobile Works in Tianjin, China. The car is a licensed version of the Japanese Daihatsu Move minicompact and is sold in China as the Xinfu (“Happy Messenger”). Miles EV USA takes the vehicle without a drivetrain and adds the Electric motor and electric components. It is powered by a single 78-volt DC electric motor, and uses a 150-amp-hour battery pack. The car uses an on-board charger that charges through a standard 110-volt 20-amp outlet. An empty battery fully charges in six hours, but only two to three hours are needed to charge it fully if the car is less than 80% empty. The ZX40 can travel up to 64 km (40 mi) at speeds limited to 40 km/h (25 mph). The ZX40 is a 2- or 4-seat car and is DOT-approved for street use. If you are interested please swing by 1410 Iowa Street to view and test drive the vehicles. My phone number is on the windows of the cars. Please do not call Mac & Mac or bug the employees there as these are not being sold by them. These are for sale by me, for sale by owner. Please call me after you have looked at them in person. This must be picked up at our Bellingham WA location. You are responsible for freight costs.

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