MK3x8 Digital Lithium Regulator (Used but Good) (Top Mount)

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The MK3x8 is an eight channel Lithium Ion Regulator like our Mk3x4 four channel regulator.  With the change from through-hole to Surface Mount we have been able to decrease the per cell price and shrink the size from 8×4 inches to 6.9×2.4 inches with twice the channels.  It has the ability to run on as few as 4 cells and any number up to 8. The MK3x8 dissipates 2.5 amps per channel speeding up the eqaulization process.


*OPTIONAL*-TEMP SENSOR HARNESS: Includes fully assembled 3 ft harness with mating connectors and temperature sensors installed, ensuring proper temperature readings for your BMS.
-TEMP SENSOR KIT: Includes mating connector, contacts, heat shrink, and 8 temp sensors, or UPGRADE with the drop down menu to purchase the fully assembled 3ft harness.  You just cut the wires to length and attach the temp sensors.

-VOLTAGE HARNESS: Includes fully assembled 3ft harness with mating connector, just cut to length and add ring terminals (RING TERMINALS NOT INCLUDED)

For additional products such as a fan, extra harnesses, communication cable, modular jacks, and crimpers please check out the Regulator Accessories section of this or Manzanita’s website.


– Manzanita Micro gave us an awesome HUGE charger (PFC50) and provided a great BMS (using MK3x8s) for our battery pack. (The BMS just plugged in and worked perfectly. Nifty color-coded LEDs tell you exactly what is going on. Plug in your laptop if you want the detailed info on a cell level. Plugs right into the charger. Awesome.) – Eva Håkansson and the Electrocat


· Real time voltage monitoring of 4 to 8 lithium cells

· Real time temperature sensing of up to 8 external temp sensors

· Additional temperature sensor included on BMS module’s heat sink to prevent regulator from overheating

· Small size is less than 1 inch thick and 7 inches long by 2.4 inches wide

· Quick automatic cell equalization and balancing with high and low voltage on board indicators and outputs to the charger

· Two high speed real-time warning lines which can be relay buffered for external use

· All BMS modules connect together using readily available RJ cable

· BMS easily connects to a PC using the DT USB adapter (Dongle/Terminator sold separately)

· Free Windows based scanner and command software available for download at in the download section under MK3 Reg Support.

· All commands are easily entered and read in simple ASCII text

· Easy user adjustable min and max voltage parameters allow flexibility for various types of lithium cells from 1.75 to 5.5 volts per cell

· Each BMS board can bypass up to 2.5 amps per cell equating to fast charging and equalization of unbalanced cells

· Dual RJ reg bus ports for easy connection to the charger or other BMS units in a simple daisy chain fashion

· Self regulating thermal protection and feedback to Manzanita Micro Chargers

· Built-in active variable speed 12V DC fan control output on each BMS unit. The fan settings can be viewed and changed using the software found on our website

· Large heat spreader is totally isolated from the cells and is already threaded for easy mounting to a larger heat sink.

· Each unit can dissipate up to 110 watts

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in
Temperature User PreFabricated Kit


Voltage PreFabricated Harness


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