Regulator Relay Output Board

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Main features:

  • Opto-isolated high and low battery signals from the Regulators to the Charger.
  • Relay outputs of the status of the high and low signals shown with yellow and blue indicator LEDs.
  • The relays used are 1 amp signal relays. They use Common, Normally Closed and Normally Open Form C contacts for user supported features.
  • This product requires 12 volts from a cigarette lighter to supply isolated power to the Reg Bus.
  • This supports the functions of the Reg Bus even if the charger is not present, meaning that the low and high LED indicators will work without the charger connected.
  • The RROB supports 2 identical RJ Reg Bus ports allowing it to be hooked up between two regulators or between the regulators and the dongle/terminator hardware connection package. This is through the DC Jack side of the box, J3 and J4.
  • Charger ports are Opto buffered from the downstream Reg Bus.
Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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