Shipping & Returns

OUR WEBSITE PRICES ARE CHEAPER THAN OUR IN-STORE PRICES DUE TO THE LOWER COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH WEB-SALES. If you call into our shop you will be quoted & charged higher prices than our web special pricing. The internet is a great way for you to save money If you know what you need and do not need help finding it and If you can wait a couple of days (may be longer) for what you need. Purchasing here from our web-store will be the cheapest option for you if you know what you need. If you do have questions about the web process please E-Mail your questions.

All Web Based freight quotes are completed using the web based (outsourced) UPS freight calculator, via UPS. When your order is processed your freight may be cheaper than what the UPS system calculates, in which case you will be charged less than quoted. Likewise, if your freight costs more when we actually attempt to ship you your products you will be notified, and asked if you still want to proceed with your order.